The first time Severina was in the spotlight was when she was only 10 years old during her performance in the musical “Frane Strapalo.” Subsequently, she enrolled at a music school in her hometown of Split, and her first steps of success as a performer took place before her graduation. During the Split Festival, Severina was the back vocal for the festival winner – Daniela. Then, during the Festival of Zagreb, Severina becomes the newest winner of the popular show Radio Zagreb "X Demo" which was dedicated to young, emerging musicians. Later, following years of hard work and daily concerts, from which Severina is slowly emerging as one of the biggest stars of the younger generation in Croatia. So far, Severina has published 15 solo albums and made a series of vocal collaboration with artists such as: Goran Bregovic, Arsen, and Matija Dedic, Gibonni, Niksa Bratos, Zeljko Bebek, and many others.

Severina not only appears in the public as a singer, but also as a model, TV host, and actress. In 2003, she held appearances in the National Theatre in Rijeka, in the starring role of the rock opera "Caroline of Rijeka. In 2004, she recorded "Gdje je nestala Slovenija?" with director Pedja Ličina. After many years of no new releases, Severina finally released her album “Severgreen” in 2004.

Several times she participated in "Dora,” the Croatian Eurovision Song Contest and finally in 2006 she claims victory with the song, "Moja Stikla," which is characterized by a multitude of ethnic influences from Herzegovina and Dalmatia, and led Severina to represent Croatia at Eurovision in Athens that same year.

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  • Dobrodošao u klub (2012)
  • Tridesete Uživo (2010)
  • Zdravo Marijo (2008)
  • Moja štikla, moj sokole (2006)
  • Cocktail (2005)
  • Severgreen (2004)
  • Virujen u te (najbolje uživo) (2002)
  • 18 velikih hitova (2002)
  • Pogled ispod obrva (2001)
  • Paloma nera (1999)
  • Ja samo pjevam (1999)
  • Djevojka sa sela (1998)
  • Moja stvar (1996)
  • Dalmatinka (1993)
  • Severina (1992)
  • Severina  (1990)