Music Star is a highly acclaimed record label and the most respected concert producer in Southeast Europe. Music Star is best known for breaking the greatest artists of our time into the mainstream with music that is still broadcasted worldwide till this day. Music Star is also a marketing agency specializing in entertainment marketing as well as an artist management company and booking agency intended for talent with global potential.

Raka Marić founded Music Star in 2001 in Belgrade, Serbia with the organization of its first concert, Zdravko Colic at Belgrade’s Marakana Stadium. Then, a year later Music Star produced Ceca’s famous concert also at the Marakana. The largest concert Music Star ever organized was for Yugoslav rock legends Bijelo Dugme in Belgrade in 2005 with an attendance of 200,000 fans, which was proclaimed the largest commercial concert in the Balkans, and the third biggest in Europe!

The concerts Music Star is most famous for producing include: The Rolling Stones, The Police, Billy Idol, Lenny Kravitz, Duran Duran, Kool and the Gang, Motorhead, Fatboy Slim, Tiesto and more!

Artists that accomplished the greatest leaps in their careers under the representation of Music Star include: Goran Bregovic, Bijelo Dugme, Ceca, Severina, Haris Dzinovic, SMAK, Nina Badric, Toni Cetinski, Jelena Rozga, Parov Stelar and others. Their immense music talent and legendary songs will forever set them apart as the most influential musicians in pop, folk, rock and electronic music worldwide!

Music Star has a strong influence across the music industry, particularly in the businesses of concert promotion, recorded music, marketing and booking. The music produced by Music Star has placed a long-lasting footprint on Southeast European society, which will be listened to for generations to come. Music Star’s vision is for its name and reputation to always be associated with first-class artists of the highest music quality and financially successful concerts.