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Notable Achievements:

Performed alongside some of the world's biggest DJ's including Sonique, Kurd Maverick, Tom Novy, Kid Creme, Freemasons, Butch, Marty Cintron (No Mercy), Martijn Ten Velden, Josh Butler, Stan Kolev, Juliet Sikora, Weiss, Paji, and many others.

Marko Gojković is an acclaimed Serbian DJ and music producer based in Belgrade.

During the mid-80s when the music scene was making history, Marko became strongly influenced by the world’s greatest hits, and so he began to define his own music identity.

Marko’s music repertoire spans all sub-genres of house music, as well as music from the 80s, 90s, 00s, Pop as well as Italian, Spanish and Greek music. What makes Marko a distinctive artist is his masterful live mixing of diverse music styles into modern beats.

Marko started his career as a DJ resident in the most famous clubs of Belgrade including Magacin, Dragstor Play, Dudurudu and Terassa. Currently, Marko is the resident DJ of Dorcholeta, Belgrade’s newest and most prestigious club/restaurant.

As a professional with more than a decade of DJ-ing experience, Marko is a mastermind of working with crowds and music listeners. He is always taking the atmosphere and vibrant energy of his audience to the next level. Spreading good vibes when performing, Marko’s goal is to feel the audience and to make the audience fascinated by his soul.

Marko gained the greatest popularity after his major tour which included performances in Berlin, Budapest, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Goa, Singapore, Dubai, Ljubljana, Zagreb and other important cities. What is more, Marko even held a memorable performance at Amsterdam Dance Event.

In 2021, DJ Marko Gojkovic finds himself as the official DJ of the film premiere “Toma,” a film that broke multiple film records in southeast Europe. Afterwards, he performed at the official afterparty of the 2021 Sarajevo Film Festival 2021.

Marko proudly emphasizes his long-term cooperation with The Crowne Plaza Hotel and the Hilton Hotel in Belgrade. During his free time, Marko is promoting his own luxury thematic events called ‘Luxury Pleasures,’ enhanced by visual arts and performances.

For many years Marko has been the primary DJ and entertainment choice for the Yugoslavian royalty in the Royal Palace as well as for other important members of the Serbian elite.

Besides his unique musical performance, Marko differs from other DJs and performers with his unique visual identity, graphic designs, style and art direction. Some of the main ways he differs is through creative event concepts and innovative designs as well as by integrating digital technologies such as LED screens in the show program and digital guest invitations

Iconic collaborations:

Sonique, Kurd Maverick, Tom Novy, Kid Creme, Freemasons, Butch, Marty Cintron (No Mercy), Martijn Ten Velden, Josh Butler, Stan Kolev, Juliet Sikora, Weiss, Paji, and many others.

Rider List


1. One (1) Economy class round trip tickets. Music Star will book the flight tickets. The promoter agrees to pay for the tickets, this can be done by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

3. Ground Transportation Requirements: Promoter agrees to provide a car with a driver to artist for all necessary transportation, including but not limited to, from airport to hotel, hotel to airport, hotel to venue and other local transportation itineraries. Car needs to be one luxury sedan vehicle or SUV with 4 or 5 seats. Driver needs to speak English and maintain good hygiene whenever artist is in the driver’s presence.

4. The promotor agrees to arrange and pay for all required documents / visas / work permits / taxes necessary for the artists performance.



1. One (1) deluxe double room (non-smoking) with a king-sized bed in a 4**** or 5***** hotel with 24h room service.

2. Wireless internet access must be available free of charge for the artist at all times.

3. Early check-in and late check-out if applicable.

4. The promoter needs to supply the artist representative with the hotel website before any accommodation is confirmed.



1. The correct billing is DJ Marko Gojković.

2. Press kit is in attachment.

3. All promotional materials will be provided by Music Star. Promoter must use the materials provided and send the artwork and video drafts to Music Star for approval before promoting and advertising.



1. Three (3) Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 updated with latest firmware and in good working order (no broken buttons/faders), if you have problems with this, please contact us. VERY IMPORTANT! 

2. All three CD players must be digitally connected to the mixer and linked together through a network switch (hub).

3. One (1) Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus (second choice of performance DJM-800).

4. Two (2) High-quality active monitor wedges (left + right) controlled from the main DJM-900 Nexus mix panel! Powerful enough comparing to the main sound system.

5. A minimum of 100dB and a professional sound system.

SETUP: (from the artist point of view)

1. One (1) wedge monitor left from the setup and one (1) wedge monitor right from the setup.

2. Placed on a stable DJ table or DJ Booth (the setup needs to be 100% respected, as showed on image below).

3. Monitors connected to the booth monitor output of the DJM-900 (mixer).


1. Stable, shockproof, elevated and sound absorbing stage, with sufficient free moving space for the artist.

2. Enough light.

3. Security must be present near stage at all time. Guests and third parties that are not staff members are not allowed to enter the stage area where the DJ is performing.

4. Minimum distance of at least 2 meters between the stage and the crowd or audience.

5. Please provide at least 1m or 2m in the DJ Booth where the artist can leave his gear, equipment and personal belongings. If there is no space in the DJ Booth, then please provide a separate room in the venue which can be locked and provide the key to the artist. 



1. One (1) Bottle of Premium Chivas Regal or Grey Goose Vodka.

2. Unlimited Still Water.

3. Several small bottles of sparkling water and soft drinks to mix.

4. One (1) small black towel.

5. Dinner or 50 EUR allowance for room service where the artist will be accommodated.



The artist gets a guaranteed VIP guestlist.



The promoter agrees that no other DJs will be performing before or after DJ Marko Gojkovic without prior written approval.