Worldwide except Croatia, Montenegro & N. Macedonia



Most Popular Songs:

Best Performances:

Notable Achievements:

Awards include two MTV GoldAwards for "Fina" and "Pare vole me" remixed by DJ Gramophondzie; Oscar of Popularity Award for the best-selling album, Oscar of Popularity Award for the best pop group; NAXI Radio award for the most-listened-to song; Hello Magazine Award for Humanity; Naxi Star for Concert of 2017; Women leaders 2022 and many more awards.

The Frajle - Nataša Mihajlović, Jelena and Nevena Buča - a sensation from Novi Sad, have been charming the audience since 2009. Their musical style is consists of a pop sound, swing rhythms, Pannonian melancholy, feminine wit and magical polyphony with original interpretations.


With their 7th studio release, the band has a unique sound that can be heard in the tracks "Ich liebe dich", "Stiklice", "Fina", "Kad se ljubimo", "Ljubav na dar", "Tamburasi", but also in covers of other artists. They perform songs like "Meni trebaš ti" as well as traditional songs like "Jovano Jovanke" and “Tri metera somota” or "Evo banke cigane moj" in the most original way.


Frajle are recognizable for their unique stage performance, as well as remarkable costumes. They frequently support the best musicians in the region.


For 13 years, The Frajle have been active in concerts throughout the region and are one of the most active bands at the moment, captivating the hearts of audiences in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, N. Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. Among their notable performances in the past period were concerts in the USA, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Hungary, Canada, France and other countries. In addition to concerts in squares and theater halls, The Fraile boast of performing their concerts in unusual places including, in an airplane at 10,000 meters, in the European Parliament in Brussels, a hospital, a monastery and more.


In 2021, the first autobiography "How I Became Frajle" (“Kako sam postala Frajla”) by Jelena Buča member Jelena was released, as well as the documentary film "Celebrating Life with a Song" (“Pesmom da život slavimo”), which was directed by Alexander Švonj.


The Frajle have won numerous awards, including:

  • two MTV awards (MTV GoldAward) for "Fina" and "Pare vole me" remixed by DJ Gramophondzie
  • Oscar of Popularity Award for the best-selling album & Oscar of Popularity Award for the best pop group
  • Runjić seagull for contribution to music
  • NAXI Radio award for the most-listened-to song
  • Golden Ladybug for the Balkan group of the year
  • Good Feeling Award
  • Hello Magazine Award for Humanity
  • Naxi Star for Concert of 2017
  • Women leaders 2022

As female leaders from the sphere of music and art, humanity has always been very important to Frajle, so in their career they have a handful of humanitarian concerts, as well as humanitarian actions.


  • Professional sound system from manufacturers such as L'Acoustics, d&b, JBL, KV2 or RCF, adapted to the space and number of visitors.
  • The PA system must be setup and tested before the band's technical team arrives.
  • The front fills must be connected to a separate AUX on stages that are wider than 10 meters.


  • Please provide a Midas M32 (not R version) or X32.
  • The console must be completely connected via the DL32 stagebox or
    correct analog multicore with 24-in and 12-out channels


  • The band uses a total of 7 monitor lines
  • The band uses its own IN-EAR system
  • Monitors must be two-system (two-way) with a minimum power of 600W from renowned manufacturers like L'Acoustics, d&b, JBL, Nexo, RCF (not ART 300).


  • The band members wear their own vocal microphones.
  • Other microphones must be setup in accordance with the attached input list.


  • The band carries a complete backline
  • For the drums it is necessary to provide an elevation with a minimum area of ​​2x2m with a carpet.


  • Please ensure there is a sufficient amount of power distribution on the stage according to the stage plan.
  • It is necessary to provide a power connection for the audio mixer, which needs to be completely separate from the lighting.


  •  The band does NOT travel with a lighting director.
  • Please ensure an experienced lighting director that is familiar with the music repertoire of Frajle.
  • A sufficient amount of front lighting is needed to equally illuminate all band members
  • Intelligent lighting is needed on the rear ramp / a combination of a sufficient amount of spot lighting / wash devices


  • Please provide 3 bar stools

We ask that the person in charge of the technique contacts Mr. Marko Radović +381 91 3092 521 / to make arrangements for the equipment.