Our greatest specialization is organizing large concerts and festivals for the masses. We arrange all of the required aspects for a successful concert and festival, whether it is intended for 1000 attendees or more than 100.000 attendees.

Our largest concert sold more than 200.000 tickets!

Events Management

We can arrange events of any type and stature regardless of the challenges it presents. We can arrange business conferences, seminars, trade shows, award shows, galas and VIP experiences. We will match the price of any competitor!

We also organize private events including weddings, corporate events, birthdays and anniversaries. We will fully arrange your event plus the entertainment program.

The most well known private event we helped organize was Severina’s wedding.

Talent Management

Managing an artist’s career is the most challenging project an entertainment company can undertake because there are no rules and everything is at stake. Even when a musician is extremely talented and has beautiful songs, sometimes the audience chooses not to accept him due to current trends and preferences. Music Star stood side-by-side with the greatest artists as they rose to fame!

We have created, strengthened and established some of the greatest artists of our time.

Artist Bookings

Want to perform and tour across the world? We will arrange all of your live performances in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. Having Music Star as your ally is the first step towards an international career.

Our new service, Primastar, is designed for artists that are actively touring and looking to save a lot of money from booking fees. Primastar is a booking administration service that manages communications with promoters, signs contractual agreements, collects artists’ fees and arranges travel & accommodation until the end of the journey.

Primastar has the lowest fees in the live music industry, worldwide!

They are not booking fees. They are more like administration fees!”


Our marketing division positions us a unique marketing agency focused on entertainment marketing. This not only means that we cater to musicians, artists and companies in the music industry but we also create strategic marketing plans for companies in other industries as well. We integrate creativity, entertainment, music and fun into the campaigns of the most serious and professional corporations that are exploring new ways of successfully engaging with their customers.

Ad Buying + Outdoor Advertising + Digital & Social + TV Creative + Print Creative + Radio Creative + Online Creative + Guerilla + Brand Interaction + Brand Repositioning + Public Relations

Record Label: Music Production & Distribution

The recorded music industry has drastically changed as technology has radically improved. Today, most music can be listened to on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes and other streaming services. So now instead of selling millions of albums, our music is generating millions of streams. Our greatest commitment towards recorded music is producing fresh sounds and the highest music quality.

Our music catalogue is our greatest legacy!

Video Production

We do things differently than other video production companies. Most companies produce standard quality 4K videos with expensive equipment, a crew and some casting.

We differ professionally with our strong and resourceful organization that upholds with strict schedules, completing and delivering top quality work on time. Our compliance ensures we obtain all of the necessary filming licenses.

We differ creatively through great storytelling that appeals to the right audience. Whether the content is intended for the mass market or a niche segment, it is bound to stir an emotion.

Our work is best defined by three values:

Professionalism. Creativity. Resourcefulness.

Publishing: Music Catalogue Administration

Unlike Record Labels, which deal with the musical interpretations of Artists, Publishing deals with the Songwriters (can be the Artist). We perform the full administration of a Songwriter’s works and we set them up for royalty collection in all territories of broadcast or performance. Additionally, we also push the works to be placed in film studios, television networks and corporate advertisements.

Consulting: Music, Media & Entertainment Industries

We are the first company of its kind that provides an in-depth strategic business consulting on the Music, Media & Entertainment Industries. We also provide a complete research and analysis report of the market in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria.

We welcome new entrants as well as existing competitors with full discretion.